Here at Rat Rod N' Custom, we take modern vehicles and make them look old school.  A 'rat rod' is a mechanically modern car that is purposely made to look like it was just found in someone's barn.  Rat rods aren't like a normal kit car or hot rod because they don't have the shiny paint, chrome or fancy wheels.  They're still custom cars, though. 

We specialize in first generation S-10 Blazers, GMC Sonomas and Jimmys(1982-1993).  We have created a rolling chassis. You can order our custom steel replacement bed on our new web page for your truck. Our beds can replace first gen 1983-1993 and second gen 1994-2004. We also have step sides that you can buy to put on your own truck to make it custom. 

Take a look at what we've done and see what we offer.  Then give us a call and tell us how you want to customize your rat rod!  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We can be reached by phone at (413) 443-3486, or by e-mail at  please add a phone number so we may be able to contact you for further information.

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this is our truck at the forth of july parade. we had short truck bench and we had two guys in the back waving to everyone who was staring at our truck as it slowly passed by. thats what the truck looked like all of 2013. this yr we added 15" five spook wheels. see u at the car show this summer 2014. happy cruisin:)